The best laid plans…

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good the plans are, life feels like biting you in the rear and disrupting everything. As I’m sure is obvious, this site is very sadly in need of update. Both Emily & I ended up with new positions at our respective jobs, and this unfortunately has lead to a diminished amount of time to work on our “fun” projects, such as this one.

We haven’t been the only ones busy, either, it seems. Brendan had a very nice guest spot on the WB series “Supernatural” earlier in this year; as well as a part in the current release R.V. – which celebrated it’s opening weekend by being the number 1 movie at the box office. We’ve also noticed that Brendan has roles in a few movies that have already wrapped filming, including 88 Minutes, Black Eyed Dog, and the tv movie The Green Chain.

This coming weekend, Brendan has the chance to win a Leo Award for the Best Lead Male Performance in a Feature Length Drama for his role as Hart in Paper Moon Affair. We’ve certainly got our fingers crossed he wins that one!

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