An update of (mini) epic proportions!

Hello Kids!

I say kids, but really, I’m not that old! But anyway, let’s not lose my train of thought while it’s still running strong… How about some news? I think that’s a good idea.

Some interesting news about Brendan in an upcoming episode of Smallville. Although it’s less upcoming and more as in now – Sorry about that! He’s been listed as an uncredited cast member, according to IMDB, as Parasite. Episode #8-21: “Injustice” and the air-date is set to be May 7, 2009, which is TONIGHT!!!. Check it out! If you miss it in Canada tonight, please note that it’ll re-air on Saturday evening on SPACE. I know I will be watching, even though I’m not known to be a Smallville fan. There have been some nice pictures circling around as well. And I like nice pictures. Everyone likes nice pictures…

Anyway, to continue….

Brendan has also done a guest apperance on “The Listener”. While it can be found online, the series will be starting again in Canada and the USA on June 4th. It will be on both CTV (Thursday nights at 10 pm ET) and SPACE (Thursday nights at 7 pm ET/PT). It’ll also be showing in the USA on NBC Thursday nights at 10. For more information about the show please check the CTV website here. Brendan’s episode is listed as episode three, so there’s a good chance it’ll be on approximately June 18th. My math isn’t the best, so I think that’s about right.

More to follow, as soon as I get more to share!

P.S. – Stills from tonight’s episode of “Smallville” after the cut.

Pics originally posted at BuddyTV.

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