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Alright, I’m restless. And I just finished watching “100 Days in the Jungle” and I believe that’s why and it’s got me full of run on sentences and ands.

Ahem. Okay. Focus.

“The Listener” is being shown on repeats again on multiple channels. I’ve already caught Brendan’s episode three times. Since there’s not many episodes of the show, I’m sure that you can catch it again. CTV was running online viewing again as well, so you can select the episode you want (A Voice In the Dark) and watch whenever you’d like.

Brendan’s episode of “Flashpoint” is to be repeated (new for the American fans) on July 30. The CTV player is running it as well. Please note that if you’d like to watch it there, that it’s listed under Ep 220.

And on a completely different note, except not really, Eighteen is going to be on Bravo on July 29. Enjoy, if you haven’t seen it already.

Good night everyone,

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Hey thanks for the tip re the episodes of The Listener Emily – I’ll have to take a look. I was very impressed by this talented actor when I first saw him in Little Criminals and have enjoyed seeing him in roles ever since. Looking at IMDB it’s good to see that he has been able to work steadily. Cheers, Carol

August 13, 2010 @ 12:06 am

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